PBCATA Annual Members Juried Exhibitions


We as artists and art educators have a wonderful opportunity to create something very special. Let’s use this exhibit to reach out to the community. Think of ways to strengthen art education networks, to communicate about educational policy, to include teachers, artist, parents community member, museum educators, school board members. These exhibits are a great springboard for viable communication between art educators and their community.

PBCATA Members


PLEASE scout out locations for possible teacher and/or student exhibitions and ask people if they would like an exhibit of juried artwork in their business. Send any ideas to the Vice-President.

PBCATA is in the process of securing venues for the 2018-2019  year.  Please be patient as we work hard to find you exhibition space!

Future Exhibitions 









General Guidelines for PBCATA Sponsored Exhibits

Eligibility and Rules of Entry

The exhibition is open to all PBCATA members. All work must be original and completed within the last two years. Each artist may submit three entries, with photographs or slides accompanying the entry form. All entries are eligible for selection. The exhibition will be judged for the availability of space and the suitability for a general audience. The jury has final authority on eligibility.


Categories and Size Limitations

Artworks in two dimensions must be no larger than 48 x 48 inches in any dimension (including frame or mount). Artworks in three dimensions must be no larger than a total of 48 inches. Work in any media is eligible. PBCATA reserves the right to eliminate any entry that is not reasonably adaptable to the facility.



All reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure protection of submitted work upon receipt. The jurors can assume no liability, sponsors or persons connected with the exhibition.



Submitting an entry form to this exhibition constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist with all of the conditions of this prospectus. No work accepted for exhibition may be withdrawn before the close of the exhibition. After the artist's work has been accepted, the artist cannot substitute another work for the accepted one.


Presentation of Work

Paintings, drawings, works on paper and photographs must be submitted framed and prepared for professional installation. Any special installation instructions must be included.


Method of Entry: Photographs or Slides

Artists may submit a maximum of three entries. Each entry may be represented by one photograph or slide. The slides must fit into a carousel: no glass or metal mounted slides will be accepted. Photographs or slides should be quality photographs accurately showing the works. Clearly identify slides on the front view or photographs with the following information:


1. Artist Name

2. Title of Work

3. Medium

4. Size

5. Top of slide with an arrow

6. Entry number (1, 2, or 3)

Delivery of Work

Artists are responsible for hand delivery of artwork. The address and instructions for delivery of accepted work will be included in the letters of acceptance or phone call. All works must be prepared for professional installation.


Pick-up/Return of Art Work

Artists must pick up their work at the venue . A storage fee of $25 dollars will be charged to the artist for work not picked up. The PBCATA and the venue are not responsible for artwork not picked up from the exhibition.


Insurance and Publicity

It is the responsibility of the artist to arrange for any insurance needs, both for transit and while participating in this exhibit, PBCATA reserves the right to photograph and reproduce all accepted work for educational and promotional purposes.


Entry Form

Fill out the entry form clearly and completely to ensure a correct listing in the exhibition materials.